The Straightforward Zombie Game: Decision

Decision Review

For a game with Decision in its title, you barely get to do much high-stakes decision making. But it does have a lot of decisions to be done. Do you brutally riddle that zombie with buckshots from your shotgun, or would you rather play fast and loose with a rocket launcher? Do you build a money making factory before working on the zombie-killing turret or do you do it after (you do both either way)? Which gun do you upgrade first before inevitably upgrading them all? Should you kill more zombies in this area or the next? Sure, regardless of how you answer, most of the game remains the same. But that is perfectly okay when all your choices lead to something fun.

What is Decision?

Decision is a top down action shooter game that puts you in control of a survivor living in a post-zombie-apocalypse world. In the very start of the game, your character ‘decides’ to make a stand against the zombies and it is up to you to make the smaller decisions that will clear out the entire city of the zombie menace. The game is pretty linear, so it is only your character’s own progression that is controlled by the decisions you make. This, however, is actually a good thing.

Instead of getting burdened with a complex gameplay –which nobody really looks for in a browser based minigame, Decision invests its best assets in one thing alone: quick gameplay. Stages are short and sweet, full of zombies to blow up, good use of ambient lighting, and the occasional explosive environmental elements. You go in, make a wonderful mess of blood and guts, then go out with a few extra credits to your name.

The credits then go towards better guns, better skills, better anything, and then you charge into the fray once again. It is a simple formula that exists in a lot of games, and it works great here as well.

Turrets and Factories

Finishing a map is not a one-time deal. Your first run through a map is simply a scouting mission that will unlock the location of the turret and the factory of the area (the first map only has a turret and no factory). After this you will have to return to take control of the turret –in this mode, the gameplay remains the same, but you will only have to stay in the immediate vicinity of the turret generator to protect it from zombies. The same applies for capturing factories as well as upgrading facilities. Finally, in order to move on to the next map, you will need to take manual control of the turret to clear out a wave of advancing zombies. This mode is not hard at all as you have infinite turret ammunition and it is pretty much impossible to die here.

Decision Review


The top view makes the whole mouse and keyboard setup feel very intuitive and efficient, and it is. Aim at a spot and your character shoots there, literally. Not just in the very direction of your aim, but at the ground on which you click. This is good since it allows you to target downed zombies (usually knocked down by explosions or successive gunfire). Being able to hit zombies when they are down instead of having all the shots fly past their undead heads is something that most gamers will be thankful for.

The music is decent, it’s the usual action-y fare you would expect from a shooting game with zombies. It is upbeat and keeps with the pace of the game. The sound effects are a little better as the sounds of your weapons are quite nice to listen to. Oh yeah, and speaking of audio, this game actually has voice overs. The quality is not that high or impressive, but it is there and it certainly adds some life to the whole game.

Good, Quick Fun

Since zombies have become pretty famous, there are a ton of crappy undead-themed games out there including the many browser based titles. Thankfully Decision makes the effort to separate itself from the pack and can be compared to lofty titles such as The Last Stand Union City. This game is pretty simple and straightforward, but it is those two factors that makes it so fun and easy to play. Also, any progress you make is saved, so if you need to stop playing all of a sudden, there is not much worry in having to close your browser (just be sure not to clear out your cookies).