Early Access Review: Killing Floor 2

Killing Floor 2 Review

The most common comment to be heard among the many players in Killing Floor 2's active community is "where are the new things?", and of course, that is a valid question. After all, the folks are Tripwire Interactive gave some pretty big promises at the start. But of course, knowing the arduous processes of game development as we do, it is not surprising that there have been a humongous wall of delays instead. But the gameplay on the current version is so splendidly addictive that the fact that people are asking for more can also be considered as a good thing. So is this alpha-release worth it or are you better off waiting for the full version?

What is Killing Floor 2?

Killing Floor 2 is a cooperative, multiplayer, online action shooter that puts you and other players working together as a team in order to survive against waves of mutant zombie monsters. Each wave introduces stronger enemies, and eventually, boss-types, and finishing all the waves earns significant rewards. The game makes use of a class system that you earn experience points for –allowing you to access abilities and skills that will help with your overall survivability.

Weapons are purchase in-match, using rewards from wave clearing. The money earned here only lasts you for the duration for the game, so players are encouraged to share any excess resources with players whose classes have expensive weapons. The whole work-together outlook is encouraged in the game, as losing a teammate will reset their value (dying means losing all money and current weapons), so keeping everyone alive is very important.

Early Access?

Right now, the game is still in early access, by this, we mean that the game is still in a very early stage of development. This is very noticeable in Killing Floor 2 as the number of available maps are very limited (you get 3), there are plenty of classes that have yet to be added, and there are occasional bugs. It is an incomplete game –like a playable demo that you actually have to pay for. And that price tag is why we are giving this game a review. While it is a demo and needs to be treated as such, playing it means paying for it.

All that being said, yes, this is an incredibly "small" game in terms of what you are getting: limited class options, only three stages, and only one game mode. But it does manage to provide a lot of variety –class options are expanded depending on how you build characters and what kinds of loadouts you opt to get. The three maps that are available are huge, well detailed, and can literally be turned into blood soaked killing floors by the end of all the waves. And best of all, the wave based cooperative matches is made downright fun by the fact that each playthrough is entirely different depending on how you are playing with. The experience is made richer by varying team tactics and dynamics.

Killing Floor 2 Review

Having Each Other's Backs

One of the first things players need to learn in the game is how to drop cash or ammunition. This may seem like an odd thing to do in the middle of the match, but it matters a lot. Assault type classes chew through ammunition like crazy, but they also deliver a good amount of damage. Keeping their clips well stocked is often for the good of the entire team. Support classes can end up paying lots of cash for powerful weapons, so if you are using an easy to upkeep unit, then you will want to toss your extra money to players who need it more.

This kind of player mentality is what makes Killing Floor 2 so much fun –even if you are surrounded by nearly countless volumes of crazy monsters that want to kill you, you still get to work alongside some of the most amazing coop-players online.

Kill Monsters, Befriend People

The bottom line here is that Killing Floor 2, is surprisingly, worth it. Sure, it takes a while before new content is added, but when TWI does an update, they make it big. The recent one early in September 2015 was pretty huge, and they let a ton of folks try it out for free for a while weekend too. Even without that, the game itself provides players with a really reliable combat and shooting system. Hitboxes are logically placed, and there is hardly any point where blaming the game mechanics makes sense. Skill is highly prioritized along with sensible use of team tactics, making this one of the cooperative shooters that everyone should look forward to.