Outlast the Undead in No More Room in Hell

No More Room in Hell Review

We have heard it all before: full societal collapse, the downfall of human infrastructure, infection spreading through zombie bites, severe lack of available energy and resources. The formula for a post-apocalyptic zombie world has been laid bare for everyone and their grandmother to know about, and it is not a surprise that there are a lot of games about it. No More Room in Hell can easily be chalked up as just another zombie-themed survival game, but it still manages to pull together enough elements to make it very play-worthy.

What is No More Room in Hell?

NMRiH is an online multiplayer, first-person, survival game with crafting and combat elements. The game is actually a mod of Half-Life 2 and allows players to join various rooms (or host their own) and play together with other players. Many of the game’s elements are similar to that of other zombie themed scavenge-and-survive titles like DayZ or H1Z1. Unlike other titles however, No More Room in Hell looks and feels a little rough and even crude at many points, delivering a very rudimentary gaming experience. This works to the game’s advantage however, as the lack of high resolution textures or detailed environments forces the player to see beyond what is available.

What makes this game unique is that it feels very casual to play. While the difficulty of having to deal with zombies is naturally high (unless the server mods decides to make weapons more accessible), the feeling that you can just easily pop in and out of any game makes each experience unique.

Zombie Children?

This has to get pointed out since there are a lot well-meaning folks out there who have strong opinions about what may or may not be suitable for a game. Yes, No More Room in Hell can and will generate zombie children. They are not much different from the regular zombie adults, only that they are kids. This is very interesting to see, as there are players who press moralistic standards about where they draw the line on digital violence. This, however, is not to say that No More Room in Hell is the only media to depict child zombies. The Walking Dead game from Tell Tale features one of the main characters, a kid named Duck, turning. In the TV series, there is also an iconic little girl zombie who is prominently featured in the early episodes of the first season.

In any case, No More Room in Hell’s developers are not shy about putting stuff out there in their games. After all, if a zombie apocalypse did happen, zombie kids would just be one of the many scary things we will all encounter.

Could Be Better

The whole game of No More Room in Hell feels very improvised, and this leaves players often wanting more in terms of gameplay. Short of being able to set up a room where all players are working hard to support one another, it is actually very hard to be able to find a decent room to play in. There are no pre-set objectives, no goals, and even options on where to try to hold a safe fort is not always easy to agree on. The developers could have done a bit more to make the multiplayer experience a little more fulfilling, instead of just wandering around aimlessly and hoping to find a weapon before the zombies get you.

Find Your Friends

The best thing about No More Room in Hell is that it is not only free to play, but it also has ridiculously low hardware requirements. Even those of you still running on the older 32-bit Operating Systems will not have problems with this game, and that means most folks can just jump into this. And this little factor is very important because you will want to play with friends. If that is not an option, we highly suggest joining the game’s very active community boards and find others who you can play with in order to make the experience worthwhile.