The Last of Us Remastered is the Best Way to Experience the Game

The Last of Us Remastered Review

There is something to be said about not buying games the moment they come out –especially if you already have a queue of other titles on your current list. This often leads to a lot of online spoilers and memes that you have no idea about, and the general feeling that everyone else got to play something ahead of you. But anyone who managed to push The Last of Us aside until it was remastered for the PS4 will find that the wait was well worth it: you get to experience the dramatically powerful story this game has to offer in its full visual glory. While the PS3 version of the game was already impressive, there is no doubt that TLoU on the PS4 is the best way to experience the game.

What is The Last of Us?

TLoU is a third person action-adventure game set in a post-apocalyptic America. The game is developed by Naughty Dog, the same developers of Crash Bandicoot and the Uncharted series. TLoU, unlike their other games, is pretty fare, in terms of characters and storyline, this game focuses on (relatively) dire concerns. The opening sequence alone is both tragic and eye-opening to the overall tone and feel of the game.

After the game's gut-wrenching opening sequence (that will have you either teary-eyed or angry or both) that outlines the beginning of the spread of the infection that would pretty much ruin all of civilization, players get pushed forward in the timeline well over a decade set in the future. Protagonist Joel is bitter, hard, and cold, and is tasked with delivering the young, mouthy yet somehow fun, Ellie to a group of militants trying to find a way to cure the infection. This mission is very important as Ellie apparently holds the key to the cure –something that many believe is impossible to find.

The Last of Us Remastered Review

The Danger of the Infected

The main threat of The Last of Us is delivered in the form of the 'infected' –zombie like creatures that come in various forms and will try to kill you if they spot you. This is pretty much typical zombie behavior, complete with matching infectious bite, but the zombies in this game are actually very plant-like in origin. The infection itself is basically a manifestation of some mutated spore-bacteria that takes over the human body. The result is pretty gross as it adds another layer of organic element to the typical decaying-zombie look.

As much as the infected are dangerous, they are also mindless, and thus have nor real malice besides acting upon their naturally murderous instincts. The ones who scheme and can cause serious trouble, however, are the humans. Like in many other zombie stories, you encounter gangs, groups, and even individuals who are more than just hostile, they are also armed and organized, and worst of all, will react towards your actions with a combination of both instinct and intellect –as misdirected as they may be.

How it Plays

The game is played from an over-the-shoulder camera perspective and you get to run around forests, streets, camps, ranches, and more. Most of civilization's great structures have been overrun by vegetation while others have fallen to decay, waste, and the sheer lack of upkeep. It looks a little frightening –especially at night, but it is also amazing to look at. There are plenty of scenes where the juxtaposition of the old world meets the relentless encroachment of nature, and it works pretty well, especially in 1080p.

Combat is played by combining the use of various stealth mechanics to gain an advantageous positioning against enemies and the use of various weapons such as firearms and self-made explosives in order to deal some damage. All fights in the game will be Joel and Ellie against a larger number of targets (sometimes, the two are split up, forcing players to deal with threats alone), so there is emphasis on fighting smart instead of going straight through the front door with guns blazing.

Maybe You Have Not Played the First Game

If you already have the original version on the PS3 and have gone through great lengths to Platinum it, then it would be hard to justify this purchase. But if you just breezed through the old one, never tried multiplayer and have not invested on the DLCs yet, then the PS4 Remastered version of The Last of Us should definitely be in your to-play list. The story just unfolds in a whole lot more enchanting way, while the smoothness of the gameplay lends itself well to the organic way that Joel and Ellie work with each other when you are exploring the world or fighting off hostiles. The best part is that the PS4 also adds in Ellie's DLC storyline completely free.