Last Stand 2 Shows Practical Zombie Survival Measures

The Last Stand 2 Review

Last Stand 2 brings players back in control of Jack, the hero of the first game and apparently, has terrible enough luck to keep him in trouble, but awesome enough skills to keep him alive. This game is all about getting you and your crew of survivors on the move. There is a rescue opportunity at Union City, but you cannot expect to travel there without preparing weapons and supplies. In this game, players will have to go through several towns and villages as they cut a path through the zombie hordes.

What is The Last Stand 2?

The sequel to the first Last Stand game shares very similar gameplay features. During the day, you secure your base, scavenge for items, seek out other survivors, and more. During the night, you face off against waves of the undead and try to survive until the next day. While that is pretty much the same gameplay as the first game, there is now an added new task: travelling.

The main plot of The Last Stand 2 is that you must travel to Union City as there are reports of military activity in the area and that they are evacuating people. However, the evac window is about to close in a few weeks, and you must lead your team of survivors across several zombie infested areas in order to reach the safety of the city.

How to Play the Game

The day and night cycles are how the game is divided; during the day, you can assign survivors to do certain tasks such as exploring the area, fixing up the barricades, and more. This is done by assigning 'work hours' available. The more survivors you have, the more work hours you get in the daytime. At night, the game turns into a 2D shooter. Players will control jack manually and shoot down zombies while you can arm survivors with your other not-equipped guns to provide additional offensive strength. NPCs will not be as effective as you, but their presence helps a lot especially with large waves –just be sure to keep them safe as there is always a chance that they can get killed by a zombie.

Once you have gathered enough resources (which is basically food and water), you can start travelling to other towns; you will have to abandon your previous fort and set up a new one, so all efforts should be put into barricading when you can. This also provides you with new buildings to explore, as well as new weapons and survivors to find. Then you gather up more resources and keep on travelling, repeating the cycle until you finally reach Union City. Thanks to the time limit, you must make the best use out of each day, you cannot afford to linger too long.

The Last Stand 2 Review

Aging Nicely

One of the best things about this game is that is still looks good until today. This flash game's assets are pretty simple, but the folks at Con Artist Games certainly did a great job at providing top notch animations, an amazing user interface design, and phenomenal work with the audio. If you are hesitating to play this game because it is old, there is absolutely no need to worry.

Sequels and More

It is a good idea to first play the original Last Stand game before jumping into this one.Then afterwards, you should also try out Last Stand: Union City –which is the third game in the series. Unlike the first two games before it, Union City places you in control of a custom made protagonist and it plays more like a 2D RPG with scavenging elements and inventory management. The fourth game in the franchise, Dead Zone, is a top down, isometric real-time strategy game that will have you managing the lives of several survivors in the Last Stand world.

Play it for Fun

The Last Stand 2 Game is a great 2D zombie shooter which although released some time ago still stand's up to today's modern day mobile and browser shooting games. It is fast enough to finish in a single sitting, but it has enough depth to keep you coming back for more. The gameplay is solid, the combat system is exhilarating, the animations are well detailed, and every single aspect of the game has been pretty well planned. The fact that you have even more games to look forward to after finishing this one is a massive treat too.