The Walking Dead Assault Brings the Black and White Comics to Life

The Walking Dead Assault Review

What does it take to defeat the undead zombie hordes? Good teamwork and cooperation apparently, as such is the key to getting through the many zombie-laden stages of The Walking Dead Assault. This mobile app game takes players into the mean, undead-filled streets of Atlanta and beyond, taking with you Rick, Shane, Glenn, Dale, Michonne and the rest of the original survivors on an action packed tactics game. Whether you are a fan of the TV show, or have been a long time follower of the original comics, this game's stylish visual flair will surely appeal to your zombie-bashing tendencies.

What is The Walking Dead Assault?

The Walking Dead Assault is a real time tactics game that puts you in control of four survivors against hordes of the undead. As the title states, this game is an adaptation of the famous zombie franchise. Although the TV show is definitely more famous, this mobile app is based more on the comics in terms of visual style. Most of the events that players will encounter are significantly different however, as missions have been designed in order to maximize the gameplay potential –and it works, each stage will have you carefully planning out an approach and strategy in order to defeat the zombies.

Players provide real-time commands to the characters –having them move, defend, or attack according to what is needed. There are also some environmental elements that can be activated, such as car alarms and fire hydrants that can be used to create noise and distract zombies, or even more actively offensive one that can explode. Each stage will have its own unique set of objectives, ranging getting to a specific part of the map or ensuring the safety of an NPC. Fulfilling these objectives in as efficient a manner as possible adds a lot of repay value to the game as well.

Monochromatic Awesome

For those of you wondering why TWD Assault is in black and white, that is due to the fact that the game is following the visual style of the comics –they are done in black and white as well. The hard shadows and lighting effects is because the textures and lights of the comics are done with inks instead of tone-transfers, creating a harsher and stronger contrast that gives a literal edge to the visual delivery.

The Walking Dead Assault Review

There is, however, one additional color to the game: red. This gives Assault the same cinematic flair as the Sin City series (which shares the same visual palette). The addition of red puts emphasis on attacks as you literally see blood splurting out and spilling everywhere.

How to Play the Game

Much like the show and the comics, charging headfirst into a horde of zombies is a universally bad idea, one that even the game emphasizes at great length. Even when armed with the best weapons, you team will not fare well if you just send all four of them charging in blindly. It is best to make use of tactical positioning in order to create a good stanging point for an advance, or better yet, find a way to bottleneck the flow of the zombies in order for your units to efficiently mow them down without much danger.

There is a reason why the game presents players with interactive environmental objects –they are there to be used. Getting zombies distracted is a great way to open them up to attacks. And when facing larger hordes, chokepoints become important assets that would help you survive the encounter.

Zombies Everywhere!

As a game, The Walking Dead Assault is a solid app that everyone should try out. The visual style is impressive, the animations are splendid (wait until you see the horde cut-in animation panels that pop up), and the combat system is an absolute blast to play with. So yes, you do not even need to be a fan of either the comics or the show to appreciate this. Then add in the fact that it actually does tie in to the ever-so-famous zombie series and it is pretty much a winner (because, yes, it does great justice to the source material). The app has been updated a lot since it was released and we would ideally like to see a follow up made, check out The Walking Dead Assasult 2 Discussion going on at Since it's release WDA has seen a lot of cool updates including some glorious and interesting add-ons, collectible covers, and more so you should definately give the updated game a go.